Recipe Development

Food is our muse. From recipe development and collaboration to food styling and photography, we offer a wide array of project-based culinary and content support.

I have thousands of recipes on my hard drive and millions more in my head.

What Makes a Great Recipe?

Regardless of the photos or the accompanying story, a recipe is only as good as how the finished dish tastes to the person that is making it. Food is art. As such, it is different for everyone. What is pleasing to one palette, might be repulsive to another. Understanding this, combined with the belief that food is meant to be simple; my goal is to create recipes that are technically sound, but user-friendly. 

Knowing how different ingredients relate to one another, how they taste on their own, and what combinations just won’t work comes from experimenting (everyone has made bad food). When formulating recipes I use a combination of quality ingredients, proper technique, and balance. When formatting these recipes, I write specifically for the intended audience. 

How the recipe is written makes it easy to digest.

(pun intended)

I make a point to consider where the reader is in their culinary journey because this makes a huge difference in how relatable the recipe will be for them. Everyone is at a different point or comfort level. Technical jargon isn’t appropriate for the home chef, but critically important for mass production and training.

Red Bean Korean Dumpling

Recipe Development

I develop new or improved recipes for individuals with specific health or dietary concerns, as well as create specific recipes for restaurants, cookbooks, food manufacturers, and bloggers.

Even after over 30 years as a professional chef, one of my greatest joys is still to provide resourceful, project-based culinary support that can aid in creating compelling original recipes and food content. My experience in food and recipe development has a proven track record of successful results. Examples include:

  • Collaboration with culinary managers and creative producers to develop recipes in accordance with brand standards
  • Assist in assessing production requirements 
  • Recipe development and documentation
  • Small batch-test production
  • New product development
  • Optimization of existing products

The Truth Isn’t Hard to Stomach

Experience and creativity aside, there is one other factor that I feel is required to be a great recipe developer. It is simply, the truth. This sounds like an obvious thing, but if you think about it, most people are afraid to tell you when something isn’t pleasing to their palette. The gift of feedback isn’t always easy, and the reasons for this apparent lack of honesty, come from a good place. However, being able and willing to give and receive feedback is imperative throughout the creation process.

I sincerely hope you will reach out with questions, ideas or opportunities for use to work together.

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